Playing during the Pandemic

The Gananoque Girls Hockey Association has been working closely with the Town of Gananoque and the OWHA to ensure a safe return to hockey.  Our ability to have any form of hockey this season has, and will continue to be, strictly influenced and governed by the latest restrictions and guidelines set in place by the following:

  • Ontario Government Emergency Order
  • Lanark, Leeds and Grenville Health Unit
  • Hockey Canada
  • Ontario Women’s Hockey Association
  • Town of Gananoque

The GGHA reserves the right to change the structure of game play at any point as COVID-19 develops over the winter months.

Facility Participant/User Protocols:

  • Covid-19 Screening is to take place prior to entering the facility.
  • Any player who becomes ill or exhibits possible COVID-19 symptoms during the activity, must notify the instructor/coach and exit the facility.
  • All persons entering the facility must wear a face covering
  • Persons engaged in physical sport may remove their face covering prior to stepping on the ice and must put their face covering back on after exiting the ice.
  • Physical distancing of 2m/6ft must be maintained at all times.  **Failure to adhere to physical distancing measures will result in immediate removal from the facility.
  • All minors must have a parent/guardian available at all times.
  • All participants must arrive fully dressed in their gear, with the exception of skates, gloves and helmet.
  • Users that need help tying skates etc. will have a designated area that will be sanctioned off.
  • No full-size hockey bags permitted within the facility (except for goalies).
  • Hockey gloves must be worn at all times when on the ice.
  • Water bottles must have participants name on it.
  • Users are not to share water bottles.
  • Spitting will not be tolerated during ice rentals.
  • Users will be eligible to use the change rooms for 15 minutes prior to ice rental and will be allotted 15 minutes after rental to change and leave the facility.
  • Showers are not available to users.

We will be sending this information out again prior to the first ice time.

  • Groups will be formed taking into consideration age, skill level based on coach ratings and recommendations as well as registration numbers.
  • Currently we are restricted to a maximum of 22 participants on the ice (this includes players and coaches).
  • Each player may have one parent/guardian in attendance.
  • On-ice activities will include conditioning, skills development and some controlled scrimmaging.  Physical distancing must be maintained at all times.
  • No player/coach movement can occur between groups. For example, on-ice volunteers can only volunteer with one team, no player affiliation.

Play Structure

  • Our first scheduled ice times will not start until Oct. 1st
  • There will be a minimum of 2 weeks of practice
  • Sometime after the middle of October GKGHA will begin to schedule exhibition game play
  • All games will be 4v4 with one referee
  • Each team will be part of a cohort of maximum 50 ppl (probably 3 teams total) which you will be playing for the duration of the season unless we are successful in reaching the next stage of play
  • Due to the limited number of ppl permitted on each ice surface (varies from arena to arena) players may be required to sit out of 1-2 games over the duration of the season.  This will depend on the # of registrations per team, arena requirements, etc.

Midget Team(s)

  • There will be 2 midget teams this year
  • Midget coaches and executive will draft the 2 teams using past player knowledge due to the limited amount of ice the Royals have and COVID restrictions preventing tryouts/evaluation play.