A Royals Family Needs Our Help

We are reaching out to all our families and asking you to consider helping one of our very own families, the O’Connor’s.  This wonderful family continues to support all local charities in our area so lets give back and support them.

Please keep in mind that although they are searching specifically for someone between the age of 17-35 anyone below the age of 60 has the ability to donate and help another family. Additionally, cancer patients that are going through Chemo need blood, up to 8 units per week and 5 units of platelets per week. So, even if you aren’t between the specified ages you still have the ability to help make a difference, whether for Cory or another cancer patient.

Understanding that COVID is impacting everyone’s lives I’m sure you can understand how it is having an even larger impact on this family. So, any help you are able to provide will be much appreciated!

NOTE: The donor procedure for what Cory needs is not as intrusive as other bone/blood cancers. The donors blood (Stem cells) are what’s required.

Thank you to all Royals Families for taking the time to help the O’Connor’s in whatever capacity you are able.

GGHA Executive hopes everyone is doing well and keeping safe during these difficult and trying times!